Professionally Printed Artwork

Did you know, expert guidance is available to you AFTER your actual session and is included in your custom investment quote? Yes, that means even six months down the road. Are you looking to add a beautiful canvas wrap to your living room wall? Would you like a print to hang in your office? Would you like your favorite wedding photos beautifully displayed in a hard cover album? Don´t forget that prints make wonderful gifts too.

It can be stressful trying to order your own artwork - what do all these words even mean? Why are there so many options? Allow me to provide this service FOR you through our incredible printer who has been in business since 1976. Just tell me what your vision is, and let me get to work creating your masterpiece so you can sit back and enjoy the final product.

Looking for something that isn´t listed below? Just ask!

Stunning Prints

starting at $12

common sizes:





custom, square, & larger sizes available

- hand retouched -

professionally printed on the highest quality materials

in high resolution with a beautiful ¨lustre¨ finish

Decorative Wooden Overlays

starting at $45

common sizes:

5 x 7

8 x 8

8 x 10

10 x 10

12 x 12

11 x 14

custom & larger sizes available

¨keyhole¨ mounting included


Hard Cover Albums

starting at $125

albums are commonly designed with 20, 35, or 50 images

available in 8x8, 10x10, 12x12

your cover choice of:

photo cover


leatherette or linen

with 20+ color options

one included line of cover text imprinted in gold, silver, rose gold, or copper


Beautiful Gallery Wraps

starting at $80

common sizes:




12 x 12


custom & larger sizes available

wrapped with a 1 1/2¨ gallery depth

your choice of sawtooth or wire mounting hardward

Can I print my own images?

No. This is why you will find our actual session fees to be some of the lowest in the area. We would love for you to budget for your artwork coming to life!

Allow me to explain...

I started printing my own images back in 2006 and then finally decided to outsource so I could focus more on creating the artwork itself. Printing images can be tricky if you are not experienced - artwork straight from the camera is a very large file size, and requires a slight amount of ¨developing¨ just like an old school film negative would need.

I have attempted to allow clients to print their own, only to realize it creates more frustration from both parties than anyone would ever want to deal with!

When you receive your ¨digital samples¨ that you are permitted to share, they are edited and retouched but


These are smaller files intended for social media use, and when printed will NOT REFLECT PROFESSIONAL QUALITY, and will require different cropping to the correct size.

Your password protected gallery includes additional images that you may purchase as prints a-la-carte. These images have been color corrected to match your style, but these images will still require some professional detailed retouching and will need to be sized accordingly by me to ensure the ABSOLUTE BEST results.

It is imperative that the image file size, cropping, and retouching are done professionally. Any edits or prints done by the client will be infringing a copyright of my artwork.

Trust me, I want you to truly enjoy your experience from start to art.

This method allows be to serve you the best, and if there are ever any issues, I can ensure a solution (sometimes before you even realize there ever WAS an issue!) and the provide the excellent customer service you desire from paying an artist for your portraits.

You wouldn´t go to a five star restaurant only to have to cook your own meal, right?

Sit back, relax, and let me create a ¨fine dining¨ style portrait experience for you.